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Suggesterfy’s Mission is to help you receive positive suggestions, from the ones you trust most, about places, products, goods and services that assist you to simplify your life.

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Company Overview

Suggesterfy is the passion project created by the Wife-and-Husband Team, Deanna and David Bugalski.

In 2020, After having three kids and suffering a long 2-year lifestyle of repetitive lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia, Deanna had an idea. An idea that would allow anyone who needs advice, to find advice.

With Deanna’s background in retail and the beauty industry, and David’s Economics, Finance, Accounting background and vast Business Strategy experience, Suggesterfy was created over a few bottles of wine and takeaway pizza!

Naturally, the original ideas for Suggesterfy have evolved from the initial idea to the start-up reality, but the mission has always remained the same, for people to be able to share their positive suggestions and recommendations with their trusted networks.

“Suggesterfy. Suggested For You. Suggested By You”

Product Information

Suggesterfy is now live! Available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Deanna Bugalski

David Bugalski

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