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Are you tired of making decisions on your own? At Suggesterfy, we understand the struggle!

That's why our mission is to revolutionise the way you make choices. With us, you can rely on trust and real recommendations to guide your decisions. Our social discovery app connects you with people you trust, so you can ask any question and get valuable suggestions. Say goodbye to decision-making stress and let us enhance your process through trusted connections!

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A social #discovery app for #sharing #positive recommendations and suggestions.

At Suggesterfy, our mission is to connect you with your tribe and broaden your horizons. We believe in the power of positive recommendations from those closest to us. With our social discovery app, you can tap into the wisdom of your trusted network for honest and helpful suggestions whenever you need them. Join us on a journey of finding what truly matters through shared experiences and meaningful connections.

The social discovery methodology

Join like-minded #communities
Interactive map of #social proof
#Share your experience
Save and #organise your findings
#Support small businesses
Efficient time-saving #resources
Spread #positivity and joy
We are passionate about small businesses. If you're a small business and want to connect, we encourage you to contact us at

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Best app out there right now! The user interface is super friendly and makes it really easy to navigate.
Sally W.
I can't thank Suggesterfy enough for streamlining my search for kid-friendly activities!
Michael S.
Starting a new job was made easier with Suggesterfy! The app connected me with co-workers who shared tips and insights about the company culture and great lunch spots.
Danielle M.
For a new student in town, Suggesterfy has been a lifeline for me! It helped me connect with other students with similar interests and discover the best hangout locations.
Chelsea L.
Finally an app that understands the value of personal connections!
Dianna P.
Suggesterfy is a great concept and I love the idea of getting recommendations from friends. The app is user-friendly, but I’d like to see more features for networking and creating events with my friends. Overall, it’s a fantastic way to discover new things around town.
Jason D.
The personalised recommendations are spot-on. I can’t recommend it enough!
Liam W.
Suggesterfy is my travel companion wherever I go. It’s a fantastic app for getting recommendations. The only reason I’m giving four stars is that I wish it had more extensive user base in some destinations.
Kylie T.
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