Does anyone know how to start a blog?

5 Oct
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Hi there! I’m Dee and welcome to my blog.

Am I a blogger? No.

Do I have any experience in writing blogs? Also, No.

But I want to tell you all about why I am writing this blog. I have a reason, and it’s a good one.

Actually, there are a few reasons…..

I am 41 years old, (42 in a few days but “shhhhh”…). I have had three kids and they are all now at school.

I'm what people consider a “finder”. For some reason, people always seem to ask me questions such as, “where can I find a good babysitter”?“What is a good café that makes a yummy poke bowl”? and “do you know the best places to stay in Bali that are Kid-friendly”?

I’m like an almanac for all social needs. It’s not that I'm particularly talented in any specific area, I’m just a wealth of useless information that is useful to others when they can’t find what they needed for themselves.


A few years ago, I started thinking about how cool it would be to have an app on my phone where I could post a question regarding something I was looking for. Sure, I could use Google, but all the results that come upon Google are not curated by people I know, or who know me. I need something that's more specific.


I could use WhatsApp, but then I’d have to keep copying and pasting my question to all the different people or groups I want to ask, and when I do get my answers, I still have to head to a search engine to look up the website or address of what I'm looking for.


Too Time Consuming.


Facebook is a pretty good place to post questions. But the problem there is, that my question either gets lost amongst all the other posts on my friends’ news feeds, or I post a question within a group and I get responses again from people I don’t really know that well, or who don’t know me.


For example, my husband loves Chinese food. For his birthday I needed to make a reservation at a place that had great food, but also a great wine list. People who know me would suggest options where there is a fun vibe, with a cocktail menu, and Peking duck.


The options I was given through both Facebook and SearchEngines, were places absolutely miles away from where I live, or they were traditional yum cha destinations where the vibe was made up of dumpling baskets flying across large tables with Lazy Susan’s, and 25 family members fighting for the last spring roll. This is not what I was looking for.


So, my idea for Suggesterfy was born. (I’ll save the interesting tale of how I came to make my vision happen for another blog).


Why am I writing a blog then?


The reason is that as a female, with a dream and a start-up tech business, I had a lot to learn. I still do. And the first thing I learned about marketing and reaching out to my amazing community of Suggesterfy users is that I need to have a blog.


I read that blogs that are posted on social media can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Hubspot says:

“Blogging helps boostSEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers' questions. Blog posts that use a variety of on-page SEO tactics can give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and make your site more appealing to visitors.”


The more visitors to my site, the more brand awareness I can create for Suggesterfy!


McCallister Marketing writes:

“Regular blogging about relevant issues in your field will increase your visibility. Once someone relates to a blog you have written, it can go viral increasing your audience and potential consumers. Blogging also allows you to put forth a more authentic voice behind your logo, trademark or website.”


So here I am blogging for visibility. I'm blogging for brand awareness. I’m blogging because all the start-up advice I have received from those who are far cleverer than me, have told me to. And it turns out, I have a lot to say, and a lot of advice to give!


If you could use the resources of a community of information- sharers, to make your time spent searching online for the things you need far simpler, then head to and sign up to be notified of when we go live.


Suggesterfy is currently in development, and it won’t belong before we launch and start sharing all the best suggestions and recommendations!


Looking forward to seeing you there!